Laporan Kasus Poli English (Selasa, 11 Juni 2024): Chronic Neuropathic Pain Leads to Poor Sleep Quality Which Ultimately Leads to Poor Quality of Life: A Case Report

Nama Residen : dr. Derryl Ravertio Timothy Subroto

Pembimbing : Prof. Dr. dr. I Made Oka Adnyana, Sp.N(K)

Penguji :

  1. Dr. dr. Desak Ketut Indrasari Utami, Sp.N(K)
  2. dr. I Wayan Widyantara, M.Biomed., Sp.N(K)

Chronic pain is a significant clinical problem that affects 13% to 25% of the general population and is one of the main factors contributing to disability worldwide. One of the biggest problems of individuals with chronic pain is difficulty sleeping, as reported by over 65% of them.

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